Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm getting so behind on blogging about books that I'm going to blog about a slew of books all at once. I've choosen to blog about all the books I've read recently that are enjoyable and worth recommending, but which aren't going to completely revolutionize your world or bring you to tears if you don't get the sequel. Right. Now.

Heist Society, by Ally Carter - If you liked Ally's I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You series, then you'll love this new adventure in the world of adolescent art thieves.

My rating: 7- Great. This book is worth reading AND recommending.

H.R.H., by Danielle Steele - I was convinced that Danielle Steel was a smutty writer who put lots of sex and lusty scenes in her book, but I'm happy to report that this book (my first foray into the works of Ms. Steele) was as clean (or cleaner!) than most of the YA books I've read.  It does allude that the couple sleeps together, but it leaves out all romantic descriptions thereof.  I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this book and that it was a clean romance.

My rating: 6- Good. Solidly good.


The Last Juror, by John Grisham - Another fantastic John Grisham novel. What can be said except that John Grisham consistently publishes interesting and fascinating tales that revolve around our justice system?

My rating: 7- Great. This book is worth reading AND recommending.

Sea Glass (Book 1) & Storm Glass (Book 2), by Maria V. Snyder -  This series is captivating and full of adventure and romance in unexpected places. I'm excited for the next book in the series (Spy Glass) to see where Ms. Snyder takes things. I'm happy to report that this series gets better as it goes along.

My rating: 7- Great. This book is worth reading AND recommending.

Princess of the Midnight Ball, by Jessica Day George - A delightful retelling of the old faery tale of the twelve dancing princesses whose father promised one of his daughter's hand in marriage if their suitor could discover where they went dancing each night. Jessica does a fantastic job of weaving a believable and interesting back-story to this commonly known tale.

My rating: 6- Good. Solidly good.

That's it! I'll blog about some of the books I've really enjoyed recently and some of the books that I disliked immensely soon!

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  1. oooh! that first book looks interesting. too bad i didn't read this post BEFORE i had my plane ride. i was looking frantically for a good book!


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