Monday, June 28, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert

I was hesistant to start reading this book initially. It is just so darn popular and my inner self rebels against doing something popular. I don't want to follow the crowd. I'm a unique invididual. Right? Wrong.

With books, however, I'm quickly slowly learning that popularity usually denotes a delicious read. And fortunately (or unfortunately?) Eat Pray Love was indeed yummy.

When this book was recommended to me (by several people), all of them agreed that the pray part of the book was a bit dull. A few friends also mentioned their theological diferences and how it made them unable to relate to her experiences.

Interestingly, while I found this section somewhat slow, it felt somehow necessary to the telling of her healing experience. However, this section wasn't interesting to me because of her spiritual experience(s), but rather because of her interactions with her gregarious friend - Richard of Texas. You'll have to read it to understand. But he made me laugh.

I really enjoyed this book - way more than I thought I would. Perhaps because I, like many other women, have experienced similar struggles as Ms. Gilbert. Struggles like bouncing from guy to guy in my younger days in an effort to find fulfillment or avoid depression. Or struggling with being who everyone else wants me to be instead of who I really am. Or struggling with the value of your dreams.

I don't think her answers are my answers. I don't even know that her answers are healthy answers. In some ways her book felt like a story of a runaway - a girl who was just trying one more thing to deal with her pain.

But I don't think her intent was to say "This is how you deal with your crap" or "This is the right way to fix your life." I don't think she was trying to change anyone's life when she wrote Eat Pray Love. I think she is just telling her story.

And all of our stories are worth telling and being heard. Which is one reason why I think I enjoyed reading this book so much. I love listening to life stories. People fascinate me.

It doesn't help that she tells her story oh-so-well. :D

My rating: "7- Great. This book is worth reading AND recommending."

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  1. This book is next on my list. Sounds like it will be a good read!


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