Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spirit Bound, by Richelle Mead

Eeekk!! I just started the next installment of the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead.

I'm only a little excited about this - just a teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy excited.

I am definitely not in love with Dimitri and I definitely don't want to be a bad-arse strigoi killing damphir. Definitely not. And I definitely am not excited about the new twist with Adrian. I could pretty much care less. I mean, seriously, who likes vampire novels anyway? I certainly don't.

::jumps up and down in an extremely young adult fashion::

[This isn't the cover for the book, but I like it better, so I'm posting it instead]


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  2. hey! i don't know if you got my text but i posted your "how to" post on my blog today!

  3. Elisha,

    I am a friend of Laruen's. I work at the daycare with her and am a loyal reader of her daily blog. She posted your "How To" today and I saw that you have a blog about the books you are reading. I just wanted to say I am a HUGE bookworm and I think it's great that you are blogging about the books you are reading. Secretly I am little jealous as well, because I love to talk to anyone who has read the same novels I have. I would love to belong to a book club, except I have been too lazy to look into it AND I the only thing I have been reading for the last 6 years has been Children's Lit....I am an Elementary School teacher.

  4. ha ha - reading mine too - in between painting sessions. And I had to do a double-take of the book cover :-)

  5. Courtney - I've always daydreamed about being a part of a book club, but I don't know of any local ones and joining some random internet book blog feels so...impersonal.

    Want to do a book club with me?? We can read one book a month and then email or get together and chat books (I might be able to corral a few friends into joining us). I, to my own shame, become ridiculously excited whenever anyone mentions a book I've read or want to read and [here's the part I'm only a little ashamed of] I then seem to be unable to stop my blabbering mouth from going on and on and on and on about books. I remind myself of those old men who can't seem to stop talking about something that they're interested in and nobody else gives a hoot about... yep. I'm that person.

    Anyway, book club?


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