Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fire, by Kristin Cashore

I believe that I have fallen in love...

...with a book character's hair.

For those of you who know me in real life (which is probably all four of you lovely people who manage through my book blog simply because you love me so much), you know my obsession. Red Hair.

I would literally trade almost every possesion I own for red hair - bright flaming, natural, red hair. I tried dying my hair bright red once and I believe that I resembled a fire truck - which isn't quite what I intended.

However, Fire (the main character of the book) is my hair soul-sister. Her hair, the color of fire with various hues of reds, makes me burn with envy. Fortunately, since she's a book character, I can pretend that I'm her and that I have the stunningly gorgeous red hair.

Alas, while the flames of my fascination [is that a strong enough word for my undying love?] with red hair are fanned in this book, I believe that all readers will be equally captivated by Fire herself. She is daring, beautiful, caring, and every other attribute a good heroine should be. The book itself is incredibly well composed and, I believe, is even better than Graceling, Fire's companion novel.

Did I also mention that she's a kick-butt archeress?

My rating: Somewhere between "8 - Holy Cow! This book rocks my socks off." and "9 - Top 20 - this books tops the charts of my favorite books!"

[Why is it that I can never bring myself to give a book it's actual rating. It's always between this rating and that. I'll work on changing that - or maybe I'll create half-ratings as well!]

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  1. Haha I wish my hair was like hers too!!!

  2. Loved Fire - and Graceling. Came over from Heather's blog and have been reading through your reviews...I can already tell we love a lot of the same books :-)

  3. Amber - love your quilting blog. :) I've been perusing through your recent posts. So fun!

    I love Kristin Cashore - I can't hardly wait for her next book, Bitterblue. It is so fun to find readers who like the same type of books.


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