Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Extras, by Scott Westerfeld

The Uglies series is redeemed. Although, I have to laugh a little at myself because of the rating I gave this series on Shelfari.

I am an emotional person. I make decisions based on my emotions. I view life through the lens of my emotions. This also means I rate books under the effect of these same frustratingly unpredictable emotions. Under the influence of said feelings, I gave Uglies a 5 on Shelfari, Pretties a 5, and Specials a 3. Why? Because I was just so disappointed in the ending Scott bestowed on Specials.[You can read my review here]

Perhaps other Scott Westerfeld fans were equally enraged as I was. Perhaps Scott's editors decided that people like happy endings. Perhaps Scott is a genius and had planned all along for that fourth book to conclude the series well. Whatever the reason, Extras is like a well paired wine to a decadent dessert; combined, the flavors are heavenly.

This is indeed fortunate for Scott's rating on my Shelfari.

As a whole, the series is delightful. I'm surprised that I enjoyed Extras to the extent that I did as the main character is not our heroic Tally-la, but another equally exciting and intriguing Aya Fuse. Her sweet mischieviousness and her fun relationship with Frizz swept me along their crazy and adventurous discoveries. The characters are just as fun as their names and they captivate the reader immediately. What's more is that I love how Scott gives you a new setting that has fun Japanese-styled cultural additions.

So Scott, I rescind my dislike of Specials and have wholly embraced this beautiful series. Thank you for not leaving Tally alone and depressed. Thank you for giving her a future. And thanks for giving me the fun of meeting Aya Fuse.

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  1. I finished Uglies and am waiting to get the next one from the library/have the time to read it. :) So one book in and I love the series!


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