Monday, December 21, 2009

The Luxe, by Anna Godberson

Eeek! Too many books to write about and not enough time!

I just finished "The Luxe" by Anna Godberson and I don't really feel up to writing a long review about it because I'm just not sure that it is worth wasting the time informing you why you should or shouldn't read it. However, another book reviewer has contributed their opinion on the book and since I agree, I'll show you read what they have to say about it.

"...for a long time I didn't care about anybody in 'The Luxe'. The cast is numerous and largely unlikeable, from Henry the languid libertine to Lina the bitter servant-girl. (There are also a couple of bit players who are mentioned several times for no reason at all, and I'll eat my hat if they don't play prominent roles in a sequel.) Elizabeth's story left me alternately bored and frustrated, and I almost hoped for someone to kill her and get it over with. But the one bright spot is Elizabeth's feisty younger sister Diana, and it was her story, when it finally emerged, that kept me turning the pages. She has her flaws, too - at first I thought she would be insufferable - but for me she was the real heroine of the book. For her sake I warmed up to another character I initially loathed. For her sake, I'm even happy to say I quite enjoyed the book. ... Of course, the ending isn't really an ending at all - the mystery is solved, but nothing is resolved and all is set up for the sequel, already out and titled 'Rumors'. For Diana's sake, I might just end up reading it."  - Leena at

And, as Leena succintly stated, "for Diana's sake," I'll probably read the sequel as well.

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  1. Maybe you could possibly add what the genre of each book is and/or the reading level. I assume most are fantasy, but are they young adult or general fiction. Might help me know how to place the reviews a little better. :D


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