Monday, December 7, 2009

Dragonspell by Donita K. Paul

Sad to say, despite an interesting title and a great potential storyline, this book isn't worth your time.

It makes me sad, and somewhat frustrated with the author, that she forces a christian worldview through metaphor to consume the storyline.

I certainly appreciate books and authors who can seamlessly weave metaphors that correlate to our relationship with Christ into the storyline (i.e. The Circle Trilogy [Black, Red, White] by Ted Dekker).

Unfortunately, not unlike Christians who force Christianity down the throat of non-believers, she shoves Christian metaphors into Dragonspell. I appreciate what I assume is her heart for this book - the creation of a fantasy novel that is clean for children and that reflects broader truths about our walk with Christ. However, it simply didn't work for her. There were pages that were enjoyable that were shortly after slaughtered with out of place "sermons" about Wulder (God) living in all things and through believers, about following Paladin's (Jesus) will for your life, and about resisting the Pretender's (Satan) convincing lies.

These are good truths that were badly turned into a metaphoric children's fantasy novel.

One word for this book: Ugh.

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