Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Beginning

Lately I've been frustrated because I can't remember the books that I've read recently. Even if I read it only 2 weeks ago - once it has been returned to the library, it disappears into the recesses of my memory!

Alas, I've decided the only way to solve this problem is to blog about books! I'm not promising the blog will be anything more than the name of the book and the author, but we might get a book review here and there.

This blog is not for you people in the inter-world, the blog is for my memory me. However, I'm a comment-whore and if people end up leaving me lots of comments, I'll probably be more inclined to write about the books I read. :D

So I'll write - You comment - Happy world.


  1. I'll leave you a comment! :D I understand wanting to know people are actually reading your blog. A book blog is good for me because then I can get recommendations next time that I am looking for something to read! :D And if you have a post about something I have read I will do my best to discuss it with you! P.S. Have you ever been to the site It's like an online bookshelf where you can put in the books you have read, are reading and want to read. I like it a lot, helps me keep track of what I'm reading. You should join it, and add me!
    P.P.S. I read your entire About Me and I want a free yummy dinner...

  2. Done! We'll do dinner next time you're in town!

    I just went and checked out and I think I'm in love! I'm not sure how much time I'll end up "wasting" adding books to my list!

  3. Yes...I should have mentioned that it can be quite addicting...

  4. Hey Beautiful, nice blogspot! I recommend Posion Study by Maria Snyder when you have time, I think you'll like it. I have all three of the first series so feel free to raid my room. I love living with you guys! We need to hang out this weekend, despite that we live together, I feel like I never see you! Luvvv!

  5. Mandi -

    I'll definitely be stealing Poison Study from you soon! :D


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